The camera with a Cokin filter system parasoleil

With the polaroid back attached. Along with it a regular 120 back and a Gossen Lunasix 3 photometer. A perfect combo for a perfect shot.

Who said that Live View is for digital cameras only !!!

The set in its beauty case

I don’t smoke 100’s

I have refrain from inserting in the gallery 135mm cameras. Notably among others I have a Nikon F3 high eyepoint. The F3 was at the top of 135 mm professional cameras for almost a decade. It was followed by the F4 and the F5 which had advanced electronics but did not last long as they were displaced by DSLR’s.

As an amateur photographer I had of course my own fully equiped B&W lab

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Zeiss Icon

This is the oldest camera that I have. It is equipped with a 7.5 cm !!! lens.

With an aperture of f4.5 and speeds up to 1/250” it can still produce quality images. I have used it to experiment and discovered that the clarity of the Carl Zeiss lens is superb.

Hasselblad 500 CM

Now here is a beauty. An 100% professional studio and not only camera. Equipped with a “Planar” f2.8/80 mm Carl Zeiss lens, is one of the best cameras of the era. With exchangeable backs, produces 6X6 or 70 mm negatives. Alternatively you may use a polaroid back for instant images.

But that is not all...

The legend continues. Hasselblad created a digital back for all of their models. Buy one and you’ ll have in hand  a 50MP!!!!! DSLR.

Minox LX

Here is another beauty. A miniature spy camera and this is not an euphemism. It takes a cassette microfilm of 11X8 mm, but due to her high quality Carl Zeiss lens can produce pictures up to 20X25 cm without grain. Speeds from B to 1/2000 & Auto! This is not a autofocus camera. You have to adjust the distance. And you cant get it wrong... The key chain is not just a key chain but a meter with knots which help measure the distance from your object in close ups! Planning of getting pictures of classified documents or what?

Along with the camera goes a mini tripod with a declancer buried in one of it legs and a cube flash adaptor. Anything else you need?