Prominences of the sun taken at the hydrogen alpha waveband using my modified PST and a CCD camera.

AR 1476

A huge sunspot observed in May 2012.

Taken again with my modified PST and a CCD camera at the Ha waveband.


First Light

This is one of the first images taken after the modification of my solar telescope, a Coronado PST, enhanced to 102mm using a Bresser 102/1000 achromatic refractor,

The picture was captured and processed by Jacob Strikis a fellow amateur astronomer specialized in solar observation using his CCD.


This is an image of sunspots in the photosphere.

The picture was taken with a regular refractor telescope with a baader astrosolar filter and a DSLR through eyepiece projection.

The picture itself is nothing much. It has been inserted in the site to show the big difference with the images of the sun taken with other means.

AR 1476

White Light

Another image of sunspot AR11476, taken at the white light waveband using a regular refractor equipped with a Herschel Wedge, several filters and a CCD camera


Image taken with my 70/420 apo refractor, Herschel Wedge and my DMK21 CCD camera.

All images taken with the CCD are B&W .avi files processed with Registax and Photoshop.

Active Region

An active region close to the limp shows the tremendous energy produced by the sunspots. The size of the center of the spot as seen in the image is tens of time larger than the Earth.


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Impressive active regions. Images taken the 30th of September 2012

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It was an honor and pride to receive the 9th of April 2014 an “Image of the Day” award by Solaractivity international group for an image taken in October 2013