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Garage workshop

This is a general overview of the front part my garage workshop. Even though the place is indeed a garage and usually my car fills the empty space, its the part of the house which I consider really mine, my very own private playroom where I have spent endless hours, constructing, repairing, testing all sorts of items. In this garage I have renovated antique furniture, I have constructed models, pillars, telescopes, I have repaired my car, household appliances, everything that you can imagine. This is where I am storing equipment, old books, my vinyl records etc. etc. It is the area hated by my wife who always complain that I abandon her to do something which she cannot be part of.

Tools and paraphernalia can be found on every self, bench, on the floor or in cupboards. I real toy land !!!!

I have to admit. It’s not the tidiest place, but no workshop which is not a show room is...


My “Heavy Machinery” bench is located at the rear part of my garage. Just behind that white door. With my lathe, my vertical drill and my compressor I usually do precision work.

Spare parts and raw material can be found in the boxes above, the “bobby” and the former kitchen cupboard.

My moto is: Don't throw away anything you never know when you will need it desperately.


What you see in the picture is the tidiest moment of my “dirty bench”

Whenever there is something to be done, in a harry or not, I am doing it on this bench.

A vice grip permanently mounted is one of my essential tools.

A 25 year old Dremmel on its mount one of my most valuable assets.

The self above contains assorted power tools.


This is a “clean” bench . It collapses to give space for my car. I use it on occasion when all other benches are filled up with scattered tools and junk.

Vertical drill


Jigsaw cutter

My Dremel